Breeding Sheep Sales


March Born Shearling Ewes







For sale off farm all sired by Court General (73R-12-077) ARR/ARR Terminal Sire Index = 324 (95% accuracy) in top 1% of the breed. He was the Hampshire 2017 Ramcompare AI Sire. 


Scanned in lamb to Whitehead Gladiator (64T1400365) ARR/ARR Terminal Sire Index = 287 (91% accuracy) in top 5% of the breed.  He has fantastic muscling and the best possible skin quality. Due circa Christmas period.


£400/head ex-farm ONO.  Ideal for starter flock to get off on the right foot or established flock wanting to bring in new genetics in utero.


Not pushed on concentrates. On Heptavac-P system.

Please look the pedigrees of my sheep and Index’s up on BASCO  by copying the tag number into the search field at



None at present  

2017 shearling rams

None at present



My rams are  listed at are March onwards born, they have been wintered high on the wolds on grass and buckets only.  Now fed only a few  pellets to  make it easy to handle them without a dog. 

Please look the pedigrees of my sheep and Index’s up on BASCO  by copying the tag number into the search field at

My Sales Policy

Only the best lambs  are retained  and those I don't use as replacements for myself  are earmarked to be sold as shearlings.

The females are marketed either before tupping or in lamb to one of my rams.  The rams are  made available for sale either off farm or at pedigree auctions and Kelso Ram sales.

I aim to produce honest sheep that are of the best quality,  are hardy with a high health status and high EBV’s that grow really fast and will continue to thrive and do well for their new owners.

The flock is  Signet performance recorded, correct in the leg, have stretch with  natural conformation and good skins. I aspire to  produce lamb carcasses that grade U3L or better. 

The sheep are  fed on  a grass diet with  the ewes receiving very  limited  amounts of concentrate feed only during the last few weeks of gestation and first eight weeks of lactation depending on the weather and grass availability. Rumenco Ewe & lamb buckets are also made available at that time.

In winter I feed good quality haylage and Sugar Beet Pulp  style nuts if grass is in  short supply. I winter graze some  grassland  in HLS  and make molasses buckets available then to aid palatability.

My flock is on the  Heptavac- P system , MV Accredited and Fully Performance Recorded.

Please note they are not Scrapie Monitored, Enzo- vac or Toxo-vac’d

I am always happy discuss sheep on the telephone and even better to see you at Croxby and discuss your requirements.