I select my rams for muscle, power and skin quality. The fast growth attributes of the Hampshire breed is well documented. They are all CT scanned as lambs of the performance recorded data i collate for them and processed by Signet gives me the most accurate and  best possible EBV figures on with to inform my breeding choices. The rams must have natural conformation and are not spoilt and fed heavily. I keep my sheep in as a commercial system as possible, all my grassland is permanent grass with half of it in a Higher Level Stewardship scheme. Press the arrow on the left of the photo to see the other stock rams.

I try and follow up my rams sales with my farmer customers on a regular basis. During the summer of 2016. I made visits to North Wales and  Northumberland. These photos are of Hampshire cross lambs bred by Hugh Edwards and Simon Bainbridge that spring. Both farmers are delighted with the  fast growth and generally the results the Hampshire sire has given them I am delighhted to report! Neither farmer have offered any creep whatsoever to these lambs

Here are a few photos of the Hampshire ewes, some are home bred and some are acquired from the Kelsey Flock dispersal sale in the summer of 2016

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