The Modern Hampshire is...

arguably the Most Progressive Native Terminal Sire Breed.

My sheep are Signet Performance Recorded & Selected for Growth, Muscle & Skin Quality  and bred "Fit for purpose"

Welcome to Hall Farm, Croxby, Lincolnshire, LN7 6BW

The website is intended to enable you read  about my flock of Signet performance recorded pedigree Hampshire Down sheep here on the internet and who live here at  Hall Farm, Croxby, Near Caistor Lincolnshire.

My family and I  live on a property totaling  almost fifty acres situated in the heart of the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) as tenants on a large country estate owned by the 8th Earl of Yarbourgh and family. We are surrounded by some of the best arable farming, hunting and shooting country in the area.

Lincolnshire is an arable farming heartland but we  are situated  in a little pocket of sheep farming country in the bottom end of a long grassy  spring fed chalk stream valley running down from Thoresway to Croxby Pond, basically the sheep graze  where the plough can’t reach! The land either side of the chalk stream is a deep dark rich alluvial loam over chalk and seems to do the sheep well. We took a long term Farm Business Tenancy ( FBT)  from the estate and moved here in 2010. 

I am delighted that my flock has been awarded the BRP 2017 Improved Flock Award for the breed. It's awarded to the sheep breeders who have made the greatest improvement in breeding potential in the past year based on performance records analysed by Signet.

If you haven't heard , eight progressive Hampshire breeders and I have launched a website called aimed squarely at commercial farmers seeking to acquire tups for use on commercial flocks. The site will only feature fully performance recorded Hampshire flocks who produce quality shearling rams for that  growing market.

If you are interested in acquiring Hamp rams or females  directly off farm we would be pleased for you to visit us. We live close to better known flocks such as the Normanby flock owned by the Brant family and the Thorbeck flock owned by Jim & Jane Birkwood. If you are coming to the area to buy sheep you can come and see us all!

Yours aye