My Ewes

The girls!

I lamb in March. My policy is to have feed buckets available to the ewes whilst in the latter half of the gestation  then feed a small ration of ewe nuts for approximately a month before and during lambing and early lactation. Otherwise the flock has just a few sugar beet pulp nuts occasionally ( maybe once or twice a week) through the year to make them easy to handle, get in  from the fields etc.   Later on they are asked to thrive on just grass unless supplementary feeding is required to put finish on a butchers lamb for my boxed lamb sales which are to family friends and local regulars. The females intended for live sales get no meaningful supplementary feeding apart from  haylage and sugar beet pulp in the worst of the winter weather and the crucial last  six weeks of gestation and lambing period.


My objective is to work towards the whole flock to be in the top 10% of the Terminal Sire Index for the breed i.e. currently 267 and above. This will take time and I don't propose to achieve that aim by compromising on quality on the way. Hold on tight......